Share Trading ...
> Introduction to share trading
Why invest
> Are you ready to Invest
> How to pick shares
> How to buy/sell shares
> How do I trade shares
> Risk and rewards
> Investment strategies
> Which investment strategy
> Borrowing money to invest
> Being a better investor
> Successful investors
> Basic investment concepts
> Tax implications

Managed Funds ...
Introduction to managed funds
> Fund performance

> FOREX Trading Explained

Options ...
> Introduction to Options


Share Trading For Beginners

This guide will provide a beginner investor with the information and simple tools of investing. Firstly, the guide will take you through the common jargon used, and then will provide a brief introduction of the mechanics of share trading & investing. Then it will go onto describing some basic techniques for picking shares and outline some of the professional shareholders who have used each specific technique to make fortunes.

Other guides include the basics of managed funds, FOREX and share option trading.